Day 22 - A breath of fresh air

Blog Post created by josnyder72 on Aug 8, 2017

Well, day 22 is just about in the books....I've been up since 3 AM and working since 5:30 AM....When it's quitting time, I am headed home and off to dreamland for the night. Hubby can heat up leftovers for dinner, I am going to sleep!!! It was a crazy day that I knew was coming and I can't believe I made it without any major cravings...sure, there were a few twinges but nothing I'm not already used to.  This time my visit out to our plant was different, I am an EX smoker this time around after all! It all starts with an hour drive from my house to our manufacturing facility, and in the past there are a few places where I would tend to light up, almost like clockwork.. I was really expecting major cravings to pop up, but NOPE, I was calm and managed to make it without incident. Then there was meeting after meeting after meeting, on any other occasion, I would dart toward the door once it was over just to light up, NOPE, not this time, although I did dart toward the door, it's because I was completely exhausted and knew I had a 45 minute drive back to the office. I made it back to the office, where I would otherwise be known to "take the long way around the block" to get one more cig in before heading in to check what voicemails and emails that I missed. but not this time. I walked in just began working. I know some days are harder than others, but I must say that it was a complete relief to have one that took it a little easier on me.....So I am taking a deep breath (because I can now!) that this crazy day is just about over and I am still an EX....and most of all....I MADE IT THROUGH!!!!