Starting off :) - in may anyway

Blog Post created by jordan-doyle on Apr 19, 2009

Hiya everyone

I am a smoker in the UK and have smoked since about the age of 16 (mildly). When i got to about 18, i decided to smoke full time and so now smoke about 4-5 a day. I cant chain smoke which is a good thing as i will happily throw up, but back to the point, i am going to quit within a month. I am 19 now btw.

I have tried to give up 18 times and it has put me down emotionally, especially when you have a beautiful girlfriend who hates smoking and shows that your a faliure. However, i try to put it as an experience every time to remember by, and i vow that the amount will never reach 20 times. This means that i will smoke until i definately feel ready, which i know will be in roughly 3 weeks because i will want to stop.

Just some advice (even though im 19 this may not mean much) that quitting on the spare of the moment, without help and not doing it for yourself - you most likely wont succeed. However, im am hoping that by finding a person who smokes the same amount and wants to seriously quit within about 3 weeks, i will be able to have that support in quitting.

Im ready to give up this habit. For the record, just a bit of knowldge about how much a box of 20 cigerettes costs here, is £5.75 (for benson and hedges gold) which is equvalent to around $8-$9 - thats tax in england for you lol.

Anyway, if anybody wants to quit roughly the same time (around the middle of may), then give me an email. I will check this to see, but you will definately get me on there Its [email address removed].

Good luck to all those who are quitting now!


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