The Smell Of Smoke

Blog Post created by jonimarie on May 29, 2020

I got up at my usual time today at 5:30am

My home smelled of smoke.

I live in Minneapolis probably 7-10 miles from the 3rd Precinct


Nauseous all day from the faint smell of smoke and a broken heart for Minneapolis

Various times thought the day sirens could be heard

The skies cleared of clouds around 2 and allowed the smell of smoke to lift 

Our stores all around the metro municipalities are boarded up today.


I fear for what will come over the weekend 


I have had memories crop up from when I was young in the mid-late 60’s


I am not naive or maybe I am

There are by far more good people in our city of many colors, nationalities and sexual orientation that are good decent people that I know.


What was done to George Floyd is incompressible


I am asking all of you for Prayers for all of us in Minneapolis and around this USA