365 days

Blog Post created by jonimarie on Apr 21, 2020

Thought a lot about it the last couple of days. Hard to believe.  Very humbling. To this day still learning about me and how to be a better person to continue the journey at being smoke free.


All the new people who come here everyday THANK YOU..keep coming and share your journey as it helps to fortify my Quit with your reminders for me of that Day One, Two, and first week. Your sharing your journey really does make my quit stronger.


Sootie & Ellen whom those early days checked up on me and encouraged me to share my journey. Without the two of you I may not of forged ahead.


Let me tell you Nancy and her long "Welcome to the community! " post with suggested readings…I thought at first man oh man who is she…I read them all.. oh yes I did Nancy and even the others you suggested….thank you teacher Nancy


Colleen who was 2 months ahead of me was my inspiration as to if  she can do it so can I. And look at her now tending new folks and old folks, always there for everyone.


Diane Joy always an upbeat with a cool, love ya, that a girl or guy. One of my biggest cheerleaders and a cheerleader for us all.


And the Caravan Master.....what can I say.


And of course Marilyn. Whom has been my spiritual, humorous, thought provoking and ever reminder of the yuckies guru. She is there everyday for me and all of us with her daily post. You will never know Marilyn, even though I am not there for the morning coffee it is always a great way to end my day reading your blog and I feel at ease.


It has been the whole Ex community that has been there for me.

Thank you all.

Grateful to you all.