300 days

Blog Post created by jonimarie on Feb 16, 2020

I programmed into my phone calendar that I have an Event for 100, 200, 300, 400  & 500 days.

Last night I got a reminder that today is 300 days smoke free.


Was my back up plan to either shame me or congratulate myself.


Funny in is not, that we assume we will fail


I look back at those 2 weeks leading up to my quit.

Those days were the hardest part of my journey


For all you folks just starting or early in your quit. Read all the suggested readings and Alan Carrs book. Learn Learn Learn that this is an addiction.


Trust your Elders here 

Accept and realize that everyones journey is unique but we all have the same goal

A positive attitude and positive self talk will carry you far.

And NEF