Dealing with the Winter Doldrums

Blog Post created by jonimarie on Jan 13, 2020

Up North here we are expecting a 1,2,3 punch this week with 3 different days of snow with the 3rd being the big punch.

N.O.P.E….not one puff ever, remaining calm, not going to sweat the drive times and traffic snarls


Not letting the winter post Holiday blahs get me. I have noticed it is not getting dark until 5:15pm now, the days are getting longer. 

N.M.W…No matter what I will not have a cigarette over the blahs and choose to see the beauty in the snow.


God willing here in MN spring will come sometime in March or April and it is mid January so we are through most of it.

N.E.F….No matter the winter of our lives the goldfinch will always turn yellow come spring.


Never ever forget that and never ever forget a quit is not worth sacrificing over the winter doldrums.