6 Months

Blog Post created by jonimarie on Oct 23, 2019

sweetplt &Barbscloud Thank You for pointing out my 6 months.

I am not good lately about being here and participating everyday and yesterday was 6 months, I did not realize it until the two of you mentioned it. To be honest my focus has been on 200 days and did not stop to think 184 days was 6 months!!!


To be honest been tough 2 months. Those darn urges have been creeping in and out. I had pretty smooth sailing the first 4 months. Some of it is different changes/struggles going on at work. Been really testing my patience and a biggie for me is I have been keeping my mouth shut as the dust will all  settle on its own as this isn't my first time at this rodeo when they all do the shuffling.


I know I need this EX site and all of you. EXactly how I have made it this far I can not EXplain


Some what of a mystery to me. I do not try to dwell on it much just keep moving forward because I will Never Ever Forget those first 21 days. I read a couple of my old blogs from my early days tonight. I am still a newbie at 6 months  but boy oh boy have far  I traveled in this journey.


Thank you all on EX