New Shoes

Blog Post created by jonimarie on Sep 8, 2019

On week 4 with this boot cast. Last Wednesday took a turn for the better and see the end is nearing.

So yesterday made an extra trip and ventured to the shoe store

I am not one for asking for help, but asked the lady to help me find a pair of supportive shoes that do not look like old lady shoes as I know there is no cushion in my joints anymore to absorb shock.

This is what we ended up with and my foot is so happy. And they are stylish.

Have another 2 weeks of the boot cast and than MRI to see if fracture healed enough 

Cancelled my trip to the Almafi coast Italy Sept 29th.

Going forward will be purchasing air travel insurance for any plans. Ob la di, ob la da

Two weeks ago I will admit certainly got in a funk about that

For the first time in my 133 days really wanted to say what the heck and buy a pack of cigarettes…I remembered N.E.F

I am still taking that week off for vacation

AND I am going to go buy myself a new Ford Escape

Been saving money for a big DP and not smoking has made that grow fast

AND I am going to splurge and get heated seats!  Because my butt is worth


It is about Faith

It is about Believing that Life will always have hiccups and we will survive

It is about N.E.F

It is about the support of EX to muddle though the smoke free life