The rhythm of life

Blog Post created by jonimarie on Aug 25, 2019

We think we will live forever

Thought our lives we get get reminders of our mortality

As we get older those reminders come more frequently

Have a stress fracture in my right leg. Got up at work to go to the ladies room and as walking my leg hurt more and more until I was limping


All is well and will overcome this. Had a MRI which shows marrow edema and the stress fracture and will get my bone density test results this week.


Asked if I was still smoking and said not as of April 22nd and he said well I do not get to write not smoking very often congratulations as we know smoking decrees oxygen flow and your bones need oxygen and blood to regenerate new bone. Apparently our bones are constantly regenerating, I did not know this.


I am a very active person and for the most part eat well,  although I have gained 18 lbs since I stopped smoking I am still within my weight range for my height even though I am 5ft 8in now when I used to be 5ft 10 inches (another sign of osteoporosis) I started shrinking about 3 years ago and just thought it was my lazy posture.


The orthopedic DR knows I am not going to take BONIVA or any other injections or prescription meds for the osteoporosis if it comes back bad. He says they do not believe in that either. So am eating 1/2 cup cottage cheese everyday(wants me to eat a cup but that is a lot of cottage cheese) and am taking 1000 mg Vitamin D 2x day. Need to find another way to get more protein as I am not a big meat eater. So I am working incorporating more protein in my diet. Protein and Vitamin D are major players in bone regeneration.


And that darn menopause thing loosing all those hormones said see it more often in small boned frames like mine. He read on my chart and asked if I was still taking the inhaler and said no that was only for a month last fall when I had pneumonia. Told me good as another big factor. Ellen has told me this, that inhalers are bad for your bones. My COPD is mild so I do not need it at this time in my life. But boy oh boy another reason to stay quit.


I have already out lived both my parents and the majority of my Aunts and Uncles. The major problem there was heart with the exception of my mother with lung cancer. Some things I believe are just genetic which will never know as most of my elders died in their 50-65. 


These are things that we do have control over in our lives:


Not Smoking

No excessive alcohol

Eating right with a balanced diet