Blog Post created by jonimarie on Aug 3, 2019

I was on my way home from a neighborhood walk about an hour ago.

Coming towards me my way was a 20-30 yr old man

Asked me where the bus comes as he needs to get to the hospital

I could see he was bewildered

Average man not too heavy or too thin

Looked so very tired and bewildered

I told him just up the block you will see the T for transit

Asked me what time it came, said I did not know

He than sat down on the grass

I proceeded home

Tried calling our local police dept but was after office hours, so I called 911

I have never called 911 or the police before in my 64 years

Told them a man needed to get to the hospital and seems something is wrong

They asked me was the man, Black, White or Hispanic

Me and my fiesta nature wanted to say are you kidding me, are these the only nationalities we can choose from!! 

I said no he is Asian


So after I called I went back outside and walked back 2 blocks close to where he was

The police did come and chatted with him awhile 

Than they all got in the police car and drove off


I feel guilty for being so nosey and going back to watch from a distance

I fell guilty for calling the police, years ago I would have said come with me I will take you

But nowadays you just can not do that


I am mad that I was asked is he Black White or Hispanic

Because we are much more than that 


I am sad and happy

Happy that I believe the police got him to where he needed to be

Sad that he was so alone

Oddly I can still picture his face


Grateful I have a home

Grateful I have someone I can call if I ever need help


Thanks for letting me share