What I Know After 34 Days

Blog Post created by jonimarie on May 25, 2019

What I know at this time is I am more clam and serene than I have been in a couple of years. A very nice sense of contentment


My ups and downs still exist but certainly not aggravated by chain smoking through them


Past week have been troubled by minor headache and not know if it is a seasonal allergy or delayed response in my quit journey


I have a lot more energy than I did when smoking but find one to two nights a week I need a good 10 hour nights sleep


At least once or twice a week I have a mild teary eyed cry that lasts a couple of minutes. Chalking it up to “letting Go” as I am not depressed


Fridays are apparently going to haunt me for awhile as there is something about Friday around 2 in the afternoon the cigarette urge creeps in as boy what a week wouldn’t a cigarette be nice. Dumb I know but it just pops up every Friday afternoon. However by the time I leave work the urge is gone as I am excited to be done for the week


I do not feel totally free yet form the addictive thoughts but this past week have settled into a nice groove where I am not bothered much during the day


Everyone here on BecomeAnEx has contributed so much to keeping me quit with your blogs. Thank You