Four Nice Days Off

Blog Post created by jonimarie on May 14, 2019

So glad I took Monday and today off.


I get my text messages from BecomeAnEX which I love looking at thought the day and there was one from last Sunday That Said" lung capacity increases by 30% after a few weeks of not smoking"


Rode my bicycle Sunday with an old friend along the Sakata Trail, Monday followed the Minnehaha Creek to the falls and Today biked with my Neighbor whom is 72 yrs old for 18 miles up and down 9 mile creek. I can really tell a difference in my capacity as well as my energy level. Last year about 5 miles was it for me.


End of today will be 23 days for me. I was not impressed with how I handled some situations at the beginning of the work week hence me taking some Joan Time. In retrospect I could have been more tactful but at the end of the day today my feelings have not changed and are legitimate concerns/issues I have with couple members of the team. So back to work tomorrow and will be having a discussion about that and how to move forward. Really no idea if it is me not smoking and taking the time to acknowledge what my feelings are versus doing nothing but have cigarette after cigarette pondering life and getting nowhere.


Was grateful for the beautiful weather to be out on my bike and no matter the outcome I am confident in my decision that I will have to make tomorrow. 


Realize I got off track there but I will make it without a puff