Seven Days Of No Smoke

Blog Post created by jonimarie on Apr 28, 2019

End of today will be day 7 


Had my brother, sister and their spouses over for Easter last Sunday. My brother and I had decided to quit smoking some years ago. Told him Tomorrow being Monday April 22nd was going to be my quit date. I asked him when was that that we decided to quit together. He told me 14 years ago. Needless to say he has been smoke free for 14 yrs now. 


It was 14 years ago that I quit for 7 days BUT back to smoking and have never gone more than 2 days without a cigarette  UNTIL NOW.


The tickle in my throat finally went away and in place Saturday have developed a slight constant headache in my temples. My nose is stuffy and sensitive. Feel like I weigh 200 hundred pounds. It is not from over eating, it is a heavy sluggish feeling. Know it is all temporary and part of the price to pay fro what I have done to myself.


We are hitting 50 degrees here in Minnesota so I am off for a hike in the woods to see what has sprung. Do you know it is impossible to think a bad thought while taking a hike in Nature if your eyes are open to your surroundings.


You all are keeping me strong. And I know I am not alone in going through this alone