My Cancel Delete Monster

Blog Post created by jonimarie on Apr 25, 2019

Today is day Four of my quit


I have not had a craving for a cigarette in 4 days. That is not to say that cigarettes have not cropped up in my mind. Short of a constant tickle in my throat and sinus drainage all is well.


Like the Allan Carr “Nicotine Monster”  

Somewhere along the way I have picked up  a “Cancel Delete Monster.” 


The later monster is superior at wining thus far.


Joined BecameAnEx 2 weeks before my quit. Frankly those two weeks were more miserable than my quit. Did some heavy soul searching and education


I have become familiar with several of you through your blogs and comments. Each person has a unique style. It is all of you with your blogs, responses and suggested readings that have planted the “Cancel Delete Monster” in my head. Know there will be ups and downs to come.


Will I smoke tomorrow or next month? No Idea, as I have no business worrying about tomorrow. My commitment is for today.