Freedom Begins

Blog Post created by jonimarie on Apr 21, 2019

Tomorrow is my Quit Date


I am 64 years old and it took me 44 years to get here.


All my life I have been very active. Last summer it hit me and knew I had some lung damage as I could not bike for hours like I used to. Two or three sinus infections  during the summer and November was in the hospital for 2 days with pneumonia. From a scan showed mild COPD in my left lung.


In the big scheme of things my health is very good. Certainly aware that it is deteriorating as I do not have the energy I used to. It is not from getting older as I liked to keep telling myself. I can no longer be in denial that it is the cigarettes.


I admit it as well that I am a vain woman and am not liking these smoking induced  wrinkles around my lips either.


The past couple of years I have done nothing but beat myself up over quitting for 1 or 2 days, failing and trying again. I am exhausted with the mental games I have been playing with myself


Life has been and always will be difficult. Just a matter how difficult I want to make it. I certainly can be my own worst enemy.


These last two weeks you all have given me faith and belief in myself that I can do this.


NOPE there is no reason for me to smoke again

I just do not do that anymore

Singing a new song in my head


Keep me honest, positive, grateful and humble