Back to square one

Blog Post created by jonilou on Feb 9, 2017

It seems that my dependence on a drug (zyban, chantix) has also been a crutch and a deterrent to actually getting my MIND right, so it's back to square one. I pulled out my copy of Allen Carr's Easy Way and am actually going to read it and refresh my memory about nicotine addiction. I know I fit into the "serial quitter" category in many people's minds. I try very hard not to take offense at that title, because during my lovely 5 year quit, I probably looked at some people's stuggles the very same way.

I've not done the HARD work in the few short lived quits I've had since then. So now the work begins. I visited www.quitsmokingonline recently and remember that it helped me in the early days of reading, reading and more reading. So I've not set a hard date yet. For those of you that are willing to put up with this serial quitter as she starts out yet again, I am thankful. 

Any other information that anyone recommends would also be welcome. is very helpful too, I seem to remember. I will visit regularly and keep you up to date in this effort. Thank you for your patience.