I Ate My Way Through Yesterday

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Oct 14, 2020

Pomegranates, Pizza, KFC and Spaghetti

      First thing in the morning I look in my fridge to get some half and half for my

coffee and the fresh pizza dough I bought yesterday morning had doubled in the bag.

It was taking up half the shelf of my refrigerator. That required I make a pizza.   

I did so, ate one piece, and, packed up the rest.

      My brother planted a pomegranate tree 4 years ago and it produced over 100 fruits this year.  You know how difficult and time consuming it is to get to those darn arils? It almost makes it not worth the effort in my opinion. Stained fingers for small rewards.

      So, this year, he got a press.This thing works amazingly well. 

      You cut the fruit in half an set it on an upside down cone with holes through it and its base. You pull down on a compound leverage arm and it squeezes the juice into a container below, then, we strain out any seeds and funnel it into empty plastic water bottles.  I took a couple of ice cold ones to Steve this morning, lung medicine.


      Hoggie had mentioned that he wanted KFC so I went by on my way home from Steve's. (Hoggie likes the thighs too! Imagine that) I like the chicken more than the sides so I typically just order 3 thighs for $5.49 but I had a coupon that expires on the 15th so I got the whole 3 piece meal for $1 more.

      I was hungry once again about 4:30 and found leftover spaghetti sauce I made over  the weekend.

So, I ate my day but heck, everything was in moderation.

and, I did not think of smoking once!