He stuck in his thumb

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and pulled out a plum

and said,

"What  good boy am I."


Memories connect us to times past.

Smoking connects us to memories.

We made many psychological connections while smoking.

This is why I feel it is difficult to quit.


      I remember ragged Elberta canned peaches from childhood. They were nothing like the hard sliced peaches available to buy today.

      Mostly, I remember having them at my dads parents.

They only lived a block away and we went to their house for lunch quite often.

      Another canned fruit we had frequently was purple plums. If you've ever had them, you'll remember them too.


      They are quite small, the skins are often split open from the canning process and they melt in your mouth. These are difficult but not impossible to find.


      Years ago, my brother found a cannery in Oregon that will ship cases to your doorstep. I tried to order them over a year ago but they sell out 3-4 months before they are even picked and canned. This year we ordered 2 cases on June 1 and they arrived yesterday. I immediately opened a can and relived the deliciousness of my childhood. There will be no plum shortage at this house.

      Making new memories that replace the ones we made while smoking dissolves the connections to smoking. 

Time Is The Healer