The "After You've Quit" Smells

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Aug 29, 2020

"You can tell a lot from a litter box

and it's more intense to a smoker-not."

Some of you already heard Hoggie lost a third of his weight in 6 months.

After a lot of money for testing, they still couldn't find the cause

of his symptoms. They think it's a digestive disease or cancer but cannot tell me more without $800 of x-rays and ultrasound. I can't afford surgeries for cancer when it might only give him a short time longer. I thought it was pancreatic insufficiency because he had every symptom listed so the last tests were for that but they came out normal as well as the B-12 levels so, nope on that.


He's eating about 5 cans of food a day now where he used to eat 2.

Here's what I am doing which I believe gives true observations as to what is going on. I'm scooping his litter every day and checking poop formation. When he was very ill looking he had a lot of diarrhea and it was overly foul.

Now they look normal. I'm also taking him in for a steroid injection every 4 weeks to control inflammation in his digestive system.


Be prepared to smell better and worse smells after you've quit.

Litter and cigarettes,

Keep Them Away From Your Face