He Hides Like A Bad Crave

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Aug 11, 2020

      I take Hoggie outside a few times a day.

He makes his familiar circles, stopping, sniffing seeing things out of the corner of his eye.       He'll run half way up the persimmon tree and hang there, making sure I see him, before he jumps down

      Sometimes I have something I need to do outside like bring the trashcans in or go water the lantana.

I have the irrigation turned off temporarily so I have to water manually for awhile.

      When I get back to the backyard, Hoggie is often nowhere in sight.

      He loves hiding under the low lying pomegranate tree. Lots of shade and sometimes he'll find a rabbit under there to chase across the back forty.

      Mt foot was hurting me from making a lot of trips to my truck with shelf parts to run to my dads and unload yesterday so I was sitting and enjoying the afternoon breeze. We live on the top of a hill so 95% of the time there is a nice breeze blowing in the afternoon.

When we've been out longer than normal, I clap twice and he knows it's time to head back but, more often then not he sets his own time and I wait until he saunters in.

If I have something I need to do after about 5 sets of claps, and no sight of him, I get the hose and arc it right onto that tree about 35 feet away.



If you're having the worst dang crave, and, just can't shake it,

"Turn the hose on it!"


Bite into a lemon, SKIN AND ALL!

You'll never forget it and will likely not have to do it again!

That memory will be your crave shutoff switch.

"Try it first before you smoke."

Comes with a bite mark guarantee!