Do you look ahead?

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jul 15, 2020

Or, are you always looking down so you don't stumble?


      If you made a plan, and I mean plans for things you will do in situations to avoid smoking, You don't always need to be looking down or looking back.  


      When in a situation that is making you want to smoke, EXCUSE YOURSELF.

If you're with people, just say, "I need to go outside for a moment." If you're outside, say you need to go to the rest room.

Just by doing that you've stopped the process that would allow you to smoke.


If you're home,

Stick your head in the freezer and count backwards from 20


Bite into a lemon, skin and all

or run your hands under water and splash your face.


If you are unwilling to do these simple things, how serious are you?