Helpful Information (Unrelated To Smoking)

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Apr 2, 2020

If your Windows laptop freezes, it likely needs to be reset.

Turn it off and unplug the power supply cord at the computer.

Remove the battery if it is removable.

If it does not have a removable battery, press and hold the power button down for 30 seconds then plug it back in and turn it on.

It may take quite awhile, maybe 10 minutes before you even see a screen that's letting you know it found the problem and is making repairs.

This is the road home.

Give it time it needs to make the repairs and get you to the sign in screen.

After you sign in, let all the programs load before you start working.

After the next time you shut it down it will automatically go to the repaired startup and should work normally.


Make sure to have it do the regular windows updates.