Tip Of The Day-Don't Get 32GB EMCC to run Windows 10

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Mar 27, 2020

      I bought a 10 inch laptop a few years ago for a backup so I could get online and order another laptop if mine failed. I think I  paid $160 which wasn't a lot.

About 14 months after I got it, Windows tried to do a big update and there was simply not enough hard drive space because this unit had only come with 32gb EMCC and it was soldered in so you couldn't upgrade.



If you're looking for a laptop or any device using Windows 10, make sure it has at least 64GB


      Here's what I replaced that computer with:

It's about as long as a pack of 100's and about 1/4 the bulk. I think I paid $135 for it and it has 64GB. It has two USB ports and a mini SD slot. The only drawback is, you must have a power receptacle as it has no battery. (you can put it in your shirt pocket but it only works with the power supply) I use it plugged into the back of a smart TV in front of my stationary bike. I built a keyboard and mouse platform that slides over the bike basket

I bought to take Hoggie riding,  (then  thought he might jump out and get hit by a car.)

The bigger of the two projections on the right side (below) is the wireless keyboard and mouse and the smaller one is a wireless headset with a microphone. Since it does have a real power supply, I would imagine it might run a portable hard drive but I've never tried it.

      I've used laptops with external monitors and wireless keyboards and mice for years so I'm not pounding on them all the time. They sit on a shelf and the only time I touch them is to turn the power button on or to insert an external drive.