Some Ideas On How To Destress and Unfocus

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Mar 5, 2020

Our focus was on smoking

You heard me.    You know I'm not lyin'

We say we smoke because of stress

But, that stress, could that stress just be the need for nicotine?


I have many ways I unfocus and let my  mind wander.

I really like live webcams.

This is one from a town about 65 miles from here.

I'll let the pictures speak of how effective a webcam is. 

I also like the Flagstaff train station.

The sound of the trains is very soothing as they ride the rails passing through.

I've never seen engines in the middle of a train before, until now.

This was a really long train. Engines on both ends too.

You can switch between two cameras too.

Flagstaff, Arizona - Virtual Railfan LIVE - YouTube 

Everyone needs to relax and let their mind wander.