It was a difficult day

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Mar 5, 2020

      My cellular carrier recently migrated me to another carrier and last week I dropped my phone in the parking lot and the screen went blank.  It came back on after I whacked it a couple times. Two days ago the screen went blank again. I whacked it again and it came back on again.

      I went to their website and signed in but couldn't even see what my plan included so I decided to go into the store this morning with the phone I dropped and an identical phone to have my number ported from the intermittent damaged phone to the undamaged phone.

      Before this migration BOTH PHONES WORKED. I could use either phone to call.

      I went to the store when they opened at this yesterday morning and explained the situation and the attendant says she can do that for me.

      She makes the switch online but the new phone won't accept the change. She tried a number of times without success. She called tech support to see if they could help.

      It was a no go.

      Here's the kicker. The working phone I came in with NO LONGER WORKS.

      I WAS LIVID but didn't consider smoking

      I LOVED MY PHONE. IT WAS NOT A SMARTPHONE and I did not want a smartphone, but, it was great for my needs because it was compact and had a slide out keyboard for texting. 

      So, I came home very pissed off and spent the rest of the day on my Skype phone number attempting to have it reversed but no go. I went to Walmart and got a flip phone for $20 and $20 worth of airtime and spent 2 hours this morning adding my contacts to the new phone. My old plan was $30 a month and since I rarely used my phone the last few years I'll move on.

      And so it goes.....