Planning Is Everything

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jan 27, 2020

   I've been procrastinating putting up the security cameras for awhile collecting parts but more so because I need to do it safely and I no longer have a ladder with adjustable legs. The corner I need to place them is very high and the land is not on the level. I'm on a hillside and I can't afford to break anything as I already severed my right foot in 1999 falling off a ladder.


      You can apply what the elders teach you on the site. Think of it as common sense based on experience.


      Here's the plan I came up with for this situation.


      I bought some lumber this morning and built a structure that is not attached to the house in any way but will support me and a ladder.

I started by pinning the bottom of a 2 x 4 parallel to the house with a 3 foot metal stake.

      Second, I screwed studs flat to the posts used for the side stair railings and leveled over to 2 inches above the water table (the thin brown band that delineates floors)

and added a crosspiece at that height. The ground is soft and I didn't want my weight to snap off the water table. That would be a big boo boo. 

      I added the diagonal brace next to the house to keep that side from twisting downhill when I put my weight on it.

      Tomorrow I'll add some edge support for one area and then put some plywood on top to put my ladder on and start installing the cameras and running the cable.

Planning is everything. Plan your quit for success.