How To Get Out Of Your Head When You Get The Strongest Craving

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Dec 13, 2019

Your Sensory Perceptions Are Stronger Than A Craving

1.  Bite into a lemon, SKIN and ALL.

2.  Stick your head in the freezer & count backwards from 20.

3.  Pack your mouth with ice cubes letting them melt, and

      try to not get brain freeze.

4. Talk to yourself OUT of smoking instead of INTO smoking.

    "I don't do that anymore" is a good phrase to retrain your thinking. Say that       every time you think of smoking and in a week, you will feel more       disconnected from  smoking.


Remember: Time is the healer.

      The more time you put between yourself and smoking, the more non smoking memories you make and in time, smoking simply fades away.