Maybe Today Will Be The Day....

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Dec 1, 2019

      No, I need to go shopping. I need cigarettes to do that.

Then I need to wrap the gifts. I need cigarettes to do that.

There are those Christmas parties. There's booze. Gotta have cigarettes for that.

Christmas with the family. It's too stressful. I can't quit then.

And, New Years is coming


      There are always going to be things we did as smokers that we can easily learn to do without smoking. If you'll give it a chance, you can learn to do anything without smoking.


      When will your jumping off point be when you commit to being free?

When will you take some small steps toward what you say you want?

Make some plans and make some changes?

When are you going to put on your backpack and give quitting a real shot?

It's a cigarette not air. It's a cigarette not water.


When will you decide and say, "I'm done" and, be done? 

Here's how I got started.

Where Does It Come From?