Laughter is Contagious

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jul 25, 2019

and releases dopamine

"Have you ever been having a bad day and all of a sudden someone around you laughs or they tell a joke and you start laughing and you feel better? I believe we have hormones in our body that when they are used in a good way make us feel great, but when we use them in a bad way then it makes us feel horrible. 

For example, eating lots of chocolate can trigger what I call the "happy hormones", but the problem is when you don't have the chocolate your body will keep wanting it over and over again because it's looking for those happy hormones that eventually run out. 

If you do something to trigger the "happy hormone" such as exercise or eat something healthy that you really enjoy, then I believe you'll feel better! Next time you want something that is not healthy, just think about how you want to feel afterwards. That always helps me! "