If you have a better way

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jun 21, 2019

      Don't count on someone who does not ending up with the same results you expect. 

      I'm a think-things-through kind of person. I do it to get the best final results.


      The landscaper came for a few minutes with his guys and then left them to level the stepping stones.

        Well he must not have given them any instructions because they leveled them and they used the pattern my brother and I had set but, they didn't start from the sidewalk and make the first one parallel with it and the others parallel to and equidistant from each other which in my eyes, makes their result about 80% of what it could have been.


      All it would have taken was getting the first one set correctly and then using a tape measure to keep them parallel and equidistant and working their way across the yard.


      It's so important you prepare so you get your quit off to a good start to have a successful result.

PS This work would have never passed muster on one of my projects but I'll have to live with it because even though we're paying him a lot to do the work, the contractor is the father of one of my twins son's wives.