Some Days Just Drag!

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jun 19, 2019


Like an overloaded truck.

you begin to wonder if you'll get through.

      We haven't finished the dryscape in front yard because as soon as they put down the weed prevention cloth, the gophers began coming up at the seams and around  a couple of the new plants.

      We have a set of stairs that go up the side to the front yard and we wanted stepping stones from the top of the rise across to the new walkway that goes from the street to the front door.

      I remember all of us warning the landscape contractor about the gophers and our requesting the stepping stones from the side yard to the new walk but I didn't approve the contract and since he didn't know what we would actually want in a stepping stone, it was going to be extra cost. Stepping stones can run $10 on up to $50 or more.

      After researching, we decided to buy some rather make them ourselves and I took my little truck to get them this morning.

      After I found out what they had and discussed the number required to cover the distance, I purchased 11 of them.

      Well, the yard man who brought them to my truck and myself had NO IDEA THEY WERE SO HEAVY!

      My truck was riding low and I was being very careful to miss potholes.

   I drove a little slower than normal, hoping my tires were not going to pop.  

      I'm guessing they weigh 80lbs each at 11 would be 880 lbs.

      My truck handled way differently but by adjusting my driving and attitude,

I made it home.

      I compare this situation to how you stay quit. You adjust and be careful, and you'll make it!