And then, it happened. DONE. FINITO!

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on May 9, 2019

Planning ahead for worst case scenarios is crucial to your quit and other things.

      My best computer froze yesterday and it's done. The hard drive won't boot up.

Funny part is, there was no warning. Usually you get a warning a week to a month before. There are errors when you do things. 

      I have a little netbook with windows 10 pro but it won't update because the hard drive is only 32GB. The thing is, I get the message your version is no longer supported and then, the computer won't work.

      I was in a chat with a microsoft tech for over an hour trying to update it. They told me. "no problem."  They did everything they could and only managed to get 5.3GB of free space and it needed 8GB.

      So I've got a little stick PC (smaller than a pack of smokes) running win 10 pro.

      As soon as I realized my laptop wasn't coming back I started shopping for a laptop online. Geesh, the one that went bad is $200 more than I paid for it 5 years ago and they're still selling it at Best Buy.

      Laptops are all seem very expensive right now.

      I don't really want to spend the money on a new computer because Hoggie needs a checkup and some blood work soon and that will be $300.


What could have I done to prepare for this?

I could have bought another drive and cloned my laptop's operating system and the programs I installed.


Guess what?

I did, and I just remembered last night.

About 6-10 months ago I bought a hybrid drive (the bootup is solid state like a solid state drive but then it reverts to a regular mechanical drive) and I cloned my laptop's drive.

The moral of the story?




Now I have to find the thing.

Wish me smaller hands.