Too many cooks in the kitchen

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Apr 26, 2019

But none of them can make me smoke or pick paint colors worth a damn.


      Where I bean?

We're repainting the inside and the outside of the house so my brother and I are adding to the handrails and patching the rear deck while the painters are doing the inside.

      We had a bunch of  too many people picking paint colors and having the painter put it on the exterior wainscot and stucco and everyone was getting desperate.

      Picking paint colors is so frustrating for me because often, the samples don't look the same as you imagined they would when they're on the wall. 

Anyway, I got to make the final decision because everyone else gave up.


         The yellow background (Moonraker) will be the stucco and the eaves.

The darker color (Clary Sage) will be the wainscot to ground the house and will also be used for the front door and all trim and the garage door. The Dover White will be the stairs deck and railings in the back.


      Who knows what it will look like. The gold looked more yellow than gold when he put it on the wall.   

      I'd love to have someone paint a mural on the wall above the garage. Missy?

and then the landscaping.

Oh Boy,  I got my compressor working correctly after replacing parts for a month until I got the right one.


Keep your quit. It's something you have control of.

Everything else is a dream or a nightmare.