Wish List

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Apr 21, 2019

Was smoking on your list of things to attain?


      I was just on *mazon and added something to my wish list.  I'm often unsure of what I actually need and extraneous purchases are things that I'd "like for a day and hoard for forever."


      I have tools and tool parts in my list that I think I need but haven't determined which parts I actually need yet, so I don't buy them, I save them in my wish list.


      I'm sure there are some things on there like all episodes on the Untouchables on DVD. Most of us have some things that we'd like but don't need yet still seem special to us.


      Was Smoking really one of those? Was smoking special or did we just make it special?


Confess! It was the drug that kept us coming back. 

Smoking's kind of stupid actually.

The drug is what was special.

Taking the time to do it was planned.

Knowing where you could do it was planned.

It was a way of life.

A way of life we didn't even realize we were in.


All for a drug

Smoking Wasn't Special-Let that thing go. It's a "no admiration" thing. 


PS Got a drainage problem. I get to use the LED lighted camera with the 30 foot cable I bought, FINALLY.