Making Love In The Kitchen

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That's the conglomerate of wet and dry ingredients.

Next you flour the pan and your hands and press it into the pan.

You can use the heel of your hand making this a "hands on" recipe. :-)

Then you paint it with a water and brown sugar mixture (see above) and bake it 20 minutes at 350.

When it comes out you wait about 5 minutes and then cut it with a pizza cutter before it hardens.

Separate them and coat them with powdered sugar in your container.

This is the full recipe you are looking at.

The Clove And The Dark Corn Syrup Give These A Unique Taste

And A Wonderful Chewiness.

Aunt Minnie's Cookies>>Secret Recipe

Yes I forgot I only made a half recipe last year until I made these today  :-)

Need to take some to my new dentists office.


If you want them for Christmas, you need to make them now. They have to cure in the sealed container for 3+ weeks with a sliced apple or orange.

I add extra clove 2T instead of 1 1/2, Same with the cinnamon.