I Had An Apprentice

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Nov 16, 2017

      He worked at a paper I ran an ad in and as such was the first to see the ad in my search for an apprentice.


      In the first 2 years, he learned my way of doing things and more important the level of quality and results I expected.  He was sharp, always thinking, a body builder, and wanna be actor. Good heart. Didn't smoke or drink.


      After a couple years of working together, I sometimes had to meet with prospective clients,  stand an inspection at another job site, or get materials.


      After I had trained him I could turn him loose and had no problem letting him do it his way because he always achieved the results I expected.


      I try to lay out quitting in the same way for you as I taught him the building trades.  He got his general contractors license and went out on his own.


      We can get you started and walk you through the hardest part of quitting but our joy is when we know you're going to make it and we know it's okay to turn you loose.