Four Months, Sixteen Weeks

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Nov 10, 2017

Quitting has it's ups and downs.

      Most quitters who quit for a month are up from doing it and have an excitement they were able to get that far. That excitement can dwindle the next few months.

      I was having a heck of a time around day 100.   I wondered if the physical need for nicotine would ever go away

      I was thinking, "if the physical need never goes away, what's the point?"

So, I did some research.

      10 Years ago around day I00, I found a medical study that said, people who went 16 weeks without smoking were in the best place to succeed. I also read the no mans land blog by Ron Maxey on the site I quit on and I was seeing all the people who quit the same time as I begin dropping like flies and disappearing off the site.

      I did learn the nicotine receptors normalize and do not require feeding for life.. Back then, the only information I could get was  "in the first year." Now, it's months. That knowledge was the logic I needed to stay with it..

On day 126, while driving to a jobsite I had smoked on months before, I reached for a ghost pack on my truck seat and I laughed. I knew I was done in that moment.

I'm asking you to aim for 4 months.

For some of you it may be a little longer but here's my point,


You can't make a year unless you make four months and once you've made four months, you should have more confidence in yourself that you don't need to smoke just because you have a thought of smoking.