"I Guess I Didn't Want It Bad Enough"

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Nov 3, 2017

Will that be your quit smoking legacy over and over as you go back to smoking?


Allow me to throw "the monkey wrench" into the works.

about this "want" thing: Want Is Unnecessary To Quit.

Want is most often a passing thought.

If we got everything we wanted, we'd all be dead of overindulgence.

take the voodoo out of it.

How about just deciding to quit and sticking it out with us?

How about celebrating each day you've been quit

and listening to us congratulate you and tell you it will get better?

We Ain't Lyin'

You Don't Have To Want To Quit But,

You Have To Decide To Quit,

And, Be Willing To Let It Happen.


Willingness, Not Willpower.