You Don't Yet Know What You Aren't Missing.

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Nov 2, 2017

"Moving Away From What Has Been 

Extracting Ourselves From Our Smoking Routine

We're Changing What Our Brains Expect

The Sooner The Better And Hope We're Not Wrecked."


      Imagine you've entered a large building and  are opening a door to a large echoey pitch black room the size of a warehouse.It is storming and there is no electricity.  You've never been there before so you have no idea where obstacles might be placed  inside the room.



Good thing you brought a flashlight.  :-)


      When it's dark and I need to use the kitchen or the bathroom, I use the light from the room I'm leaving, to make a mental picture of my pathway before I step out.

Make A Mental Imprint Of A Future Without Smoking

      Use what you've learned that got you this far to keep going.

Celebrate your recognitions as you travel your path to success


If You're Always Forward Looking With Your Quit,

In Time, You Get Ahead Of It.