The Way In Is Also The Way Out

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Nov 1, 2017

There are things a wolf looks at before it enters a new territory. They first determine their most vulnerable direction of attack and work

backward to the direction of least vulnerability. They do all this instantaneously.

It's called instinct.

The next time you go to a new place or a busy place,

catch yourself as you check out your surroundings. Think of this as you are walking through that crowd of people trying not to bump anyone on your way to your destination. Get the waitstaff to run interference.  :-)

We have the same instinct, though not as well honed as the wolf.

I believe our mind reads pictures in the same way. Our eye is drawn in different directions as we run through the scope and content of the picture

until we have formed our idea of what we've seen.

      See if the picture below leads your eye the same way as it lead mine?

First, the color of the flowers within the round hedges and shrubs. Second, the distance beyond the horses to gauge how big that fenced pasture area is for points of reference, Third, back to the horses and Fourth,  THE WHITE GATE.


Think of smoking like that white gate. You went in that gate and you need to come back out. The only way to do that is by unlearning your connections to smoking and then, you can walk out the gate.

The Only The Way Out Is Through.