How Do You Know Things You've Never Tried Don't Work?

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Oct 29, 2017

It's before 4am. I've been up an hour.

It's foggy out and pitch black and dogs are barking. The fog amplifies the sound and there are  more dogs starting up  across the canyon.


So I'm thinking, I wonder how I could shut them up?

I open the flap on Hoggie's door (it's about chest high) and I let it slap at the end of it's travel.

That got their attention. SILENCE

Then I let out a very low pitched extended mantra like Ahhh.

It was an almost inhuman sound a la foghorn.

Guess What? It shut them up.


Trying new things keeps life interesting.  :-)

And the point of this post is:

Try new things after you've quit. New things make it easier to embrace change, and, try the things we suggest when you  get a craving.