We Each Make Our Own World Of Comfort.

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Oct 8, 2017

We know how we like a hot dog.

We know how we like our coffee that is perfect for us.

      Does it matter if there's a dent in my car or it gets washed twice a year?  No.

      You find what gives you comfort. I enjoy Hoggie more than the cardboard scraps all over the place from his scratcher or him waking me or the occasional hairball on the floor. My carpet isn't as important as the comfort he gives me.


      Smoking was a part of me for 40 years. Truth is, I never thought too much about that.  I don't believe it ever made me emotionally happy.

It just was. I honestly don't miss smoking in the least.


No reason to cling to things that don't make you happy or don't contribute to your comfort.


How do you like your hot dog?

And your coffee?