Pets Are Best For Relieving Stress

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Feb 19, 2017

Pets Are Such A Blessing

Such A Stress Reliever

Unconditional Love

Makes All Of Us Believers.


         I believe pets are a wonderful help to unfocus from ourselves and refocus in the moment.

         They calm and thus, enrich our lives.

         Hoggie was born 2 feet from my head.  We've been close ever since. I even took him with me when I went to Canada for a month.  We go outside every day so he can run and eat grass if he is so inclined until he's ready to come back in.

I can always tell he's ready to go back when he heads toward the gate.

         When I moved here from L.A. and built out my space, we built a place for him outside my window and under the deck and stairs so he can go outside and sit in the sun and always be protected from the coyotes that roam the canyons.

         At last count, rescued from a coyote's jaws, I believe he has either 5 or 6 lives left.

         I just wish he could decide what he wants to eat. I'm going to have to cancel that autoship.   :-)

      Please post a picture of your pet if you are so inclined.