Day one of Rehab

Blog Post created by johio on Oct 23, 2017

This was day one of pulmonary rehab.....They had me hooked up on monitors and I did a series of exercises...cardio and free weights....stopping often to take oxygen levels, BP & Heart rate. 


Then in class I had an important "Take Away"....Maybe I should have known this but I did"t. I was prescribed Spiriva a long time ago and sometimes took it and sometimes didn't...I know...shame on me...anyway....I felt it was not doing anything...little did I know.


They said in the class that the main reason for Spiriva was that it slowed the progress of COPD.....What !!!! Sounds crazy but I didn't know that....So I went from moderate COPD to Severe COPD in three years when maybe I could have slowed the regression of my lungs


So I just wanted to share that "Take Away"