Day 1/2

Blog Post created by jess.hinkle88 on Jul 19, 2017

Lol i say this is day 1/2 because i just smoked my last one i had in the last pack i had. i can not smoke anymore because i have no more or the money to buy another pack. and its mid day so i guess i cant say i im going on my first full day of not smoking its just day 1/2. i know this is going to be hard, but i need to do this. i've wanted to for years but i keep failing. i have so much riding on this, the man i love is telling me enough smoking, and no hes not the only reason i need to quit but a huge part. i also have two young children and we plan to try for another. its not good for them to be around it or to see me do it. its not a cheap habit either. ive been trying to do a little research to see if i can do natural things to help with cravings like vitamins and maybe different types of drinks like apple cider vinegar and stuff.for now since my last one was like two hours ago i think im going to brush my teeth change my shirt and get a glass of water to start fresh.