Happy FriYay Ya'll-1st Day of Summer-Solstice-Day 3

Blog Post created by jenking on Jun 21, 2019

Wow! So many things to be happy about today! Happy FriYay! Happy Day 3 for me! Today is such a beautiful day in Toledo, OH. It is sunny and warm. We have had so much cold, wet weather this summer that we haven't been able to enjoy much time outdoors. I am looking forward to that this weekend. I wanted to use a sick day today, but with today being Day 3 I think coming to work was the best idea so I don't have the "I'll just smoke one" idea while working at home. We are getting ready to move on July 8th so I think I will start packing this weekend. At least get the things we don't use daily organized and weeded through. Sending everyone good vibes!! Love to all!