Blog Post created by jeannie2 on Jun 22, 2018

SO happy to be free of that nasty habit. 9 years ago i put em down never to regret one day. Beast in me said no more no matter what and honestly that was what made it easy. Its all in your head  and your mind and your thoughts.You must quit you will quit just quit and I quit. I wanted to be free and breath and save my money. I bought  me a new  fridge for over thousand dollars with my cig money in the first year. I always buy lots of stuff and say to myself splurge cause you deserve it rather than s burning your money and health on that ole smoke. This site really helped me help myself with all the sharing. I havent been on in long time. Not sure where or how anythng works its changed so where are all my blogs? Hope they are still here. Just wanted you all to know Im still doing awesome and anyone can do this as its so easy. I  smoked for years and never doubted  I couldnt do it just knew when it was time and I wanted to do it made all the difference. I really enjoyed smoking. Sometimes when I smoked i thought I couldnt live without it. Yes its great to live without it and I dont miss it one bit ever ever ever ever. Cant wait for the big 10 just amazing