July 27, 2020 Update

Blog Post created by jdquits2020 on Jul 27, 2020

After reading some advice on this site, I am rewriting my original "ReQuitting" plan for quit date August 13, 2020. Here's the new plan:

1. Because I often buy energy drinks when I go to get cigarettes, I am cutting out all energy drinks as well. The only time I should be going to the gas station is to get gas. My primary motivation is to save money. I'm edging up to 2 packs a day over the past 6 months, $15/day in cigarettes alone. Since I'll be saving $15 a day (not counting energy drink cost), each day that I do not smoke, as a reward, I will be making daily $15 payment on credit cards. The first card I am attacking could be paid off in 6 weeks at this rate. The credit card company might think it is weird to see a daily payment like this.

2. Deep Clean the Car - been planning to do this anyway since I need to trade up for winter driving. But since it may help with reducing the smell and the craving, I will be doing this soon. And with no energy drinks... no disposable ash cans in the car. Also, I will be washing all my clothes to get the smell out.

3. I already began reducing energy drinks by drinking TAZO tea ($4/42 oz bottle). Starting now, I am brewing my own tea. I can get about a weeks worth of tea with tea bags ($2) and sunlight (free), by reusing those handy 42 oz bottles. This will be my first go to when craving. With triggers particularly while driving: Mentos, black taffy, Dutch licorice, and Starburst. (I used starburst to motivate me to write papers in college, and it worked really well).


4. I'll be using the patch again. Especially for work, as it is a huge trigger and there are multiple times available for smoking. From experience, I'll have weird dreams, but that just makes life more interesting. I would like community members feedback on suggestions on what you've found is the best time of the day/night to apply the patch, as it seems it would be strongest when first applied.

5. When I am at home, I smoke on the porch. Often 3 or 4 cigs at a time. No more porch sitting! If I'm outside, I need to be doing something with the garden instead of smoking.

6. HAALT... Hungry, Angry, Anxious, Lonely, Tired. I plan to take time when I am craving to determine my emotion/feelings at the time, and to take time to wait it out, and time to do some TLC such better health care, personal care, and sensory care instead.


Smoking 2 packs a day, average 5 to 7 minutes each, I am wasting a total of at least 3 hours a day just smoking. I did the math a few times, because I found this to be so unbelievable! Sure, sometimes I am doing other things, like driving, but wow, I will get so much more done rather than just sitting and smoking on the porch, and smoking at work. Shoot, I can neaten up the kitchen after meals in the time I save from not smoking.