Blog Post created by jdquits2020 on Jul 16, 2020

I have not been logging in or checking my notifications... and I did not succeed at quitting with my first quit date February 13, 2020. So I've reset it to August 13, 2020. And going to give another go at it.


1. I use smoking to escape from stress. And I have a very stressful job. So that's part of it.
2. Summer in Michigan has been hot! So I've been making sure to hydrate with a goal of 120 oz water daily. I've noticed that when I consistently hydrate, my cravings for smoking as often decrease.

3. I switched from Camel Filter 99's in spring of 2019 due to having a bad cold and I could tolerate the menthols better. Switching back to Camel Filter 99's, I smoke less often. Albeit there's more nicotine in them, but also the menthol flavor is like candy and I just want to smoke more of them during a single smoking break.

4. July 1st, 2020, the taxes on cigarettes went up significantly. Packs are between $7.11 and in some places $8.00. At a pack a day, that's $56'wk. The patch costs about $24/wk, so even if I do not quit completely right away, I plan on using the patch to cut down significantly. 

5. Gonna try the One Day at a time challenge.
6. Been looking for a different job. Jobs can be stressful no matter where, but mine as an essential worker in behavioral/mental health is significantly stressful. I've been looking for work in a different field (where I have my education), and will continue. Landing a less stressful job may help with my effort to quit.