raptor dreams

Blog Post created by jconfusion on Jul 18, 2020

did you feel that?  I just typed on the typewritter going to the beat beat bang bang

she dances wildly  swoppping those hips 

will openthat root

the root is RED

nd my survival

the scareed hips  saunter and teasingly 

i am orange 

and im so creative

i flow throught the thoughts of the the souls out on paper being sllapped buy the keys  wacking the paper

I glow bright

in yellow

im the gut feelings of not  quiting and just knowing

and the show must go on

my aura is ever changing and aqalways in a state of flux

upheaval of lust  and passion become one

speaki your words

because thats all it is

when i see you

i wonder if im hallucinating

oh sweet lotus brain

the 1000petals

breath youre about die

serinty got  in my thought throat

breath depper now

in this state 

being ev everywhere and no where

the moment gets caught in

time and space

have you ever wanted something so impotant

fear creeps inwhai happrns when the wish expires after is blownn out 

listen to the wind

it is the answet as i watched you flickeer in and out of exustance

i continue to breath

sitting here getting older 

trapped in a useless body

i am enough as long as i can still laugh

a journey starts with one step

breath this will be over soon

exhalelungs flat at I the lotus brain talkes to

no where and every where

exploded in the eyes

this is not going to hurt

coughing as her eyes glaze over in castrates

her smooth skin becomes rough aand patchy

deforemed limbs.

He hands fall off to the side of her wheel chair.

Come with me weve been waiting for you its my dad michelle my my twin holding chaos.

The rapture purrs reverberated

and I smiled

juniper confusion